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Manali RARE Bull Sale Report 2015

The 3rd annual Manali RARE Bull Sale offered 39 Limousin & Lim-Flex bulls and had the best clearance to date with 100% of bulls offered sold.

The bulls sold to a mixture of new and repeat clients with little distinction being made between Limousin & Lim-Flex genetics and higher prices for bulls with above average muscling but plenty of fat cover. All scan data was provided and bulls with high EMA’s sought after.

The top price was for Lot 4, an apricot, polled son of Manali Sudden Impact G130 and was purchased by Robert and Stephen Gill from Alexander Downs for $10,000. The bull posted a 141cm EMA, had fat scores of 8 & 6, marbling of 4.4% and weighed 892kgs at 24mths of age.

The second top price was for Lot 18, a fully imported embryo from Hagar Cattle Company, by the US and Canadian renowned AHCC Westwind. This bull and his two flush brothers were mush admired before the sale with two selling for stud duties.
Manali Westwind K34 sold for $9000 to Jamie Hollis, Kalara Limousin, and was the highest marbling Limousin bull in the sale at 5.2%. He weighed 722kgs at 15 months of age with a 114cm EMA and 10 and 6 mm of fat.

Steak sandwiches from Alexander Downs were provided free of charge and the sale was warmly attended.

The MacCallum Family’s use of outcross North American genetics attracted interest from 3 states with people impressed with the quality and temperament of the Limousin and Lim-Flex bulls on offer. The MacCallum’s once again sold a bull for children with rare diseases supporting the Steve Waugh Foundation and raised in excess of $5,500 on the day.

The sale averaged a healthy $4861 and grossed in excess of $189,000.


Bull Sale 31st July 2015

Landmark Classic Sale 2015

Congratulations and Thankyou to the Roberts Family from Springsure. Goodluck with Model. (she has already placed in a draft) Awesome result.

Inaugural Manali Sale Tops at $12,000

A very strong inaugural Manali Limousin and Lim-Flex bull sale topped at $12,000 for an overall average of $4119 with a 96 percent clearance.

The top priced bull Manali Sudden Impact G166 bred from an imported embryo from the renowned Cole Limousin stud in Montana, USA by Cole Sudden Impact 50S from Cole 50K. It was purchased by the Gill family, Alexander Downs, Merriwa, NSW. As well as having an outstanding phenotype the bull is in the top 1% for 200, 400 and 600 Day weight EBVs and the top 10% for his milk EBV.

Alexander Downs purchased three bulls for an average of $8667 which included the top priced Lim-Flex bull Manali G17 at $6000 which was by Angus sire, SAV Final Answer 0035 out of Manali Ydel E44. It was one of the bulls offered as a pick of two to support the Steve Waugh Foundation for children with rare diseases. The Gill family also paid $8000 for Manali Sudden Impact, a full brother to the top priced bull.

The second top priced bull was Lot 1 sold on behalf of the Steve Waugh Foundation to Paul Agostino, Waulgoola Pastoral Co, Cowra for $10,000. The bull, Manali Native G56 was by EXLR Native 7133N out of Turanville Sarah W30 was an impressive bull with his Direct Calving EBV in the top 5% and Milk in the top 10% for the breed.

The Pickersgill family from Theodore made a successful trip to the Manali sale taking home three black and polled Limousin bulls to a top of $8000 and an average of $6667. Their purchases included Manali G135, a homozygous polled, black bull by famous US sire, Cole First Down 46D out of Turanville Sarah W24.

Cole First Down 46D was one of the early prominent homozygous polled and homozygous black bulls in the USA and has sired over 5000 calves in that country. He was also one of the very first bulls to be cloned in the USA after being injured early in life. The semen imported to Australia was from a clone of the original sire.

L & L Wilkinson, Merriwa bought two bulls to a top of $8000 for Manali Sudden Impact G165 and an average of $5500. Galway Pastoral Co, Scone bought three Limousin bulls to a top of $5750 and an average of $4,500 and the Peter Hannigan, Casino also bought three bulls to a top of $4750 and an average of $4167.

Volume buyer was John Stuart of Milling Stuart, Dunedoo who purchased four Limousin and seven Lim-Flex bulls at the upset price of $2000. These bulls will go into a 500 cow herd of Angus and Angus X cows on leased country at Coonamble.

All up, 23 mainly black Limousin bulls sold for an average of $5207 and 23 Lim-Flex bulls sold for $3037 for a sale gross of $189,500.

Principals of the Manali stud, Jim and Lynda McCallum said they were delighted with their first sale result. They said they made the decision to set the upset price at $2000 due to the relatively low cattle prices and difficult seasonal conditions over the last six months and also because they were very keen to get their bulls into commercial herds to demonstrate what they could do.

NCHA Futurity Results

Lynda and Jim both headed to Tamworth for the 2013 NCHA Futurity at the start of June. Lynda rode Winderadeen Puss in Boots to finish 4th in the Am NP Derby and Manali Blackmint to finish 10 in the AM NP Futurity.


These heifers are full embryo sisters to the Cole Sudden Impact bulls in the sale. we are very excited about what they have to offer our breeding program. Due to calve in July 2013, they will be retained in our herd.

Manali Miss Montana


MANALI LIMOUSIN SUCCESS at Sydney Royal Easter Show, 2013

The Sydney Royal Easter show campaign paid off for Manali Limousin.

Six head led the show team, five of which were imported embryos from Montana USA. Jim and Peter MacCallum travelled to Denver Stock Show in Colorado three years ago to see the genetics of imported sires in the flesh. During this trip they discovered a line of genetics that wasn’t available in Australia, so they began importing embryos from the Coleman Limousin Ranch, Montana USA. The cattle shown at Sydney were a direct result of this embryo program. And it appears to be successful.

The team brought home a first, two seconds, a third and a fourth place ribbon in what were very competitive and large classes with over 150 Limousin Cattle exhibited. They also came second in the Sires Progeny class, third in the Pair of Bulls and third in the Breeders Group. The cattle were admired by Limousin Breeders and Cattle Breeders alike.

The Inaugural Manali Bull Sale is set for the 1st August, where these bulls will be on offer.

Manali Miss Montana

Above: Manali Miss Montana G52 won her class for Limousin females 20-24mths at the Sydney Royal Easter Show.

ONE MOORE POKER FACE sells for $12,000 at the 2013 Landmark Classic Campdraft Sale

Congratulations and Thank you Carolyn Petterson on your purchase of One Moore Poker Face at the Landmark Classic Campdraft Sale February 2013. We wish you all the best with him and we hope you have a lot of success.

One Moore Pokerface


We will holding our Inaugural Bull Sale on Thursday 1st of August 2013 and will have:

  • 25 Limflex Bulls,
  • 15 Pure Polled Black Limousin bulls and
  • 10 Apricot Limousin Bulls.

All our bulls will have EBV,s and are by our exclusive Coleman Limousin Ranch, Montana USA genetics i.e. Cole Windfall 144w, Cole First Down 46d, Cole Sudden Impact with almost all of them polled many homozygous polled and homozygous black.

MANALI FIELD DAY WELL ATTENDED - Wednesday 21st November 2012

field day photo gallery

Manali Limousin stud owned by the McCallum family held a very well attended field day recently near Scone NSW with about 100 stud and commercial breeders in attendance.

Manali is a partnership between Jim and Lynda McCallum and Jims parents, Peter and Fay. Jim McCallum is the head auctioneer and parther in the prominent Scone stock agency McCallum Inglis established by his father, Peter.

The Manali Limousin stud was established with the purchase of the small Turanville Limousin herd from Doug Robertson at Scone in 2005 and has since grown to 130 registered Limousin cows as well as a large Lim-Flex breeding program based on genetics imported from Coleman Ranch in the USA.

The close relationship between Manali Limousins and Coleman Ranch was established after a visit to Denver Stock Show by Jim and Peter in January 2010 where they were impressed by the eveness and softness of the Coleman cattle displayed in the Pen and Carload Show.

On display at the Field Day were yearling bulls and heifers from embryos imported from Coleman Ranches which were sired by Coleman Sudden Impact out of Cole donor cows Cole 100G and Cole 50W as well as progeny of Cole Windfall 144W which was the high selling Lim-Flex bull at the 2010 Coleman Ranch sale.

Progeny of a clone of the famous Cole First Down bull of which Manali partnership have imported semen and used extensively were also displayed.

A guest speaker at the Field Day was Trent Coleman from Coleman Ranch who had the crowd enthralled with a description of how they manage their 400 cow breeding herd in Mission Valley, Montana. They have to endure very cold winters when the ground freezes but then have the advantage of a unique gravity fed irrigation system from water collected and diverted from snow melt on the nearby Rocky Mountains in the summer.

The whole herd is put into an AI mating program and with very careful heat detection and skilled AI technicians they achieve a pregnancy rate of 85% from a single insemination. Trent also talked about the reasons they started to breed Lim-Flex bulls.

Some of their larger Limousin bull buyers had retained Limousin X females and told Trent they would have to go and buy Angus bulls to put over their Limousin X cows unless he could breed them some Limousin X Angus bulls so they could retain their herd at 50% Limousin 50% Angus which were sought after by lot feeders. Now Coleman Ranch sells just as many Lim-Flex bulls as they do Limousin bulls.

The other key speakers were Robert and Stephen Gill of Alexander Downs, a vertically integrated cattle breeding, feed lot and meat wholesale business which markets 200 beef carcases per week as full carcase or boxed beef as well as lamb and pork.

Robert explained the history of his business which originally started from selling pigs from the piggery they established on their property, Alexander Downs near Merriwa, NSW. A big step forward for Alexander Downs was the purchase of a boning room in Newcastle which provided them with a great deal more flexibility and control of their product.

Alexander Downs has a 1200 cow predominantly Angus herd and the majority of their bulls are Limousin bulls with the steer and cull heifer progeny going through their feedlot and wholesale business. Other than the home bred steer progeny the majority of the cattle they buy in are European X heifers with a preference for Limousin X heifers. Stephen Gill spent some time in the yards with some finished Alexander Downs cattle explaining exactly what they looked for to achieve cattle which yielded up to 80 percent of retail beef from the carcase. “We need muscle and softness” he said.



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