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2010 News from Manali.

Sean Flynn Clinic, December 2010

At the start of December, Sean Flynn hosted a cutting clinic at Dee Bar, Werris Creek. Sean is one of Australia’s greatest cutting exports with earnings of over $1.4M in the USA. Lynda attended the clinic on her 2011 futurity prospect by “One Moore Playboy”. Sean really encourages consistency regarding position, increasing connection, intensity and using angles when training three yr olds.

King Island, October 2010

Jim had the pleasure of flying to King Island and classing the Waverly Angus herd on King Island which consisted of drafting 1600 heifers and 160 bulls. The cattle represented some of the best genetics in Australia and their quality and performance was very impressive.

Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza 30th October, 2010

UHunter Beef bonanza

A steer bred by Bellsbrook Partnership, Moonan Flat, won CHAMPION heavy-Middleweight Led Steer at the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza. This was an outstanding achievement considering the Upper Hunter Beef Bonanza had huge entries and is now considered one of if not the leading carcase competition in NSW.

Ian and Gavin MacCallum of Bellsbrook Partnership purchased this calves Sire from Manali several years ago and bred him to Santa/Angus cows. The judge commented on this steer’s yield, softness and overall functional characteristics.

Peter and Fay visit Coleman Limousin Ranch (by Peter MacCallum)
Montana, 3rd-11th September, 2010


With a degree of scepticism I was persuaded by Jim to attend the Denver Stock Show in January 2010. The majority of the top Limousin breeders were represented and the quality of cattle presented was outstanding. Whilst there were many outstanding individual bulls exhibited the Coleman Limousin cattle showed an evenness and softness that stood out. What was also evident was the quality of the Limousin/Angus bulls (LIM-FLEX). We returned from Denver convinced of the potential of LIM-FLEX in Australia.
Fay and I returned to the Coleman Limousin Ranch in Montana six months later which further reinforced our decision to purchase a share in the top bull of their sale draft. The Coleman cow herd was outstanding but more importantly was the fact that Larry and Trent Coleman were obviously two of the best cattlemen we had met anywhere. Their Knowledge of genetics, EBV’s and nutrition is unsurpassed.

We are confident the injection of the Coleman genetics into our herd will be a big step forward for Manali Limousins.

A Water Tight Issue
Jim's Stocktalk, The Land Newspaper, Thursday 21st October, 2010

The season across the Eastern seaboard seems to continue to be one of the best over a wide area that I can remember in the last 20 years.  This also happens to coincide with strong commodity prices for our Ag products even with the high Aus. Dollar.

As the weather warms up cattle are piling on the kilos and more and more finished cattle  entering markets it will be a real acid test for our cattle market and its ability to absorb large numbers of finished cattle.

The Murray Darling water debate and resulting outcome will be a real acid test for the minority Gov’t and their green alliance.  It will also show where rural Australia sits in Gov’t thinking.

I believe the whole issue highlights how recent Govt’s are thinking when it comes to rural Australia with reductions and removal of allocations from individuals rather than creation and developments of water infrastructure in Australia.

Anyone who has travelled to Northern America will have seen the number of dams and subsequent irrigation systems that has tuned moderate low production country into highly productive agricultural land capable of supporting and sustaining and strengthening communities and balance of payments. Maybe the multi billion dollar broadband network is not as important as ensuring and increasing our water supplies and its high time Govts  of all levels starting evaluating priorities based on requirements not votes.

Manali sells top price bull – Northern Limousin Breeders Sale
Friday 13th August, 2010.


Manali Limousin sold 5 bulls at the Northern Limousin Breeders sale on Friday 13th August and we are pleased to announce that Lot 9 (Manali D41 MANPD041) sold to a sale top of $7500 to King Creek Limousin Stud as their new stud sire. The polled Apricot bull is a DVFC Cookie Monster son from one of our best cows Turanville Sarah W30. He was a very balanced bull, soft with performance and docility that is typical of the type of bull Manali is striving to breed. We sold 5 bulls at the sale with an average of $5500. Manali would like to thank all purchasers of their bulls and we look forward to hearing how their progeny performs.

Manali D41

Above: Jim and Lynda MacCallum with sale topping bull Manali D41 and purchasers Phil and Barbara Bricknell from King Creek Limousins.

Australia - "The Smart Country"
Jim's Stocktalk, The Land Newspaper, Thursday 29th July, 2010

The Upper Hunter looks great considering its mid Winter, with recent rain creating goal runoff and filling dams and aquifers in most areas. The cattle market remains strong particularly for export cattle especially when you consider the high dollar.

The federal election steels much of the media spotlight and it’s interesting the lack of media attention rural Australia gets in the election prelude. Our agricultural minister also balances a couple of other portfolios which highlights hoe unimportant the bush appears to both sides of our political options.

Food supply in Australia is taken for granted, we as producers know it and with so much of it exported, our population has no real worries with food shortages.

It doesn’t seem to make sense to me that commodities that are non essential are prioritized above on of life’s essentials food.

On another tangent the recent rain highlights how much water we let flow out to sea. For the last few years many rural and urban communities have lived on water restrictions with dam levels at unprecedented lows and talks and construction of de-salivation plants by our governments.

We need to capture our water other countries do it, where dams are built on the same watercourses to ensure supply and water channeled or piped to where it is needed and best used. From an environmental perspective surely the best result for a; creatures is to ensure water, an essential of all life. The dams don’t need to be of gigantic proportions, a recent trip to North America highlighted how small creeks and rivers with several 5-1-15-20 acre dams provided an abundance of water for both irrigation and community supply all done in a 13 inch rainfall.

Australians say and we are the “lucky” country eventually both luck and water run out lets work at being a “SMARTER” COUNTRY.

Manali yearlings top the market at Camden, Yearlings
Tuesday 20th July, 2010

Manali grain fed calves were sent to Camden to capitalise on its lucrative trade market. 36 steers averaging 400kgs (360kgs to 460kgs) at 10 months to 11 ½ months averaged $881.85 with an individual steer weighing 460kg selling at 225.2c/kg grossing $1035.92. The market top was a Manali bred steer at 230.2c.

Jim and Lynda visit Coleman Limousin Ranch
Montana 4th-11th July 2010
After making initial contact with the Coleman family at the start of 2010 at the Denver Stock Show, it was decided that we should view the Coleman female herd based on the quality of their Denver bulls. Lynda and Jim along with Lynda’s parents, Stan and Marj Watson, travelled to Charlo, MT to visit the Coleman’s picturesque ranch. The cattle were everything we had hoped for being moderate in their growth pattern but incredibly feminine and productive with excellent udders. The Coleman’s were incredibly hospitable with their time giving us 4 days of viewing their cattle and beautiful countryside.

Above: Lynda & Jim at Coleman Limousin Ranch.            Above: A typical Cole First Down 46D female

NCHA Futurity – 26th-28th May, 2010

After months of preparation, the 2010 Snaffle bit Futurity rolled around for another year. Lynda rode two horses again- Glenbryde Instant Charm and Manali Important Play. The first round was not the start we were hoping for with scores on both horses in the 130’s. However Glenbryde Instant Charm came through with a 144 points, topping the 2nd go round. Charm ended up placing 9th overall.

Hunter Valley Cutting Horse Club Show Sunday 23rd May, 2010-07-22
It was a lovely day in Wingen for the Hunter Valley Cutting horse club’s cutting show. The snaffle bit event was held on the Sunday afternoon with over 30 entries, the biggest event of the show. Lynda competed on two horses Glenbryde Instant Charm (a chestnut mare by Instant Dulce from Oaks Surprise) and Manali Important Play (a bay gelding by One Moore Playboy from Watsons Portello). We were happy with both horses performance, especially Charm who won the event with a score of 74 pts.

The Crossbreeding Advantage
Jim’s Stocktalk, The Land Newspaper, 6th May 2010
The annual draft of weaners have come thick and fast over the past couple of months and have once again highlighted the difference between attracting premiums or being at the bottom end of the market. The ultimate profitability is determined by being able to present an article that is highly desired by your target market. Crossbreeding presents an easy way to achieve additional weight gain and a quality product without any real additional costs. Whilst there will always remain a strong role for purebred herds crossbreeding is a real alternative to counteract the cost-price squeeze in rural Australia and allows hybrid vigour to be maximised. With so many herds in Australia having a high Angus influence, European breeds present a real opportunity for additional weight gain and extra yield, without the high in cost for purchasing sires. The real gain however, is in the extra money received for heifer calves where in some cases they make more cents per kilo than their steer counterparts. On a lighter note, the Upper Hunter is about to start its annual Horse Festival, highlighting the importance of the equine industry to our area and bringing together our community. It is a wonderful time of year for our area and I invite everyone to attend the beautiful Upper Hunter Valley.

Price of Production is Crippling
Jim's Stocktalk, The Land Newspaper, 18th February, 2010.

The season in the Upper Hunter continues to remain buoyant with country particularly West of Scone having as much feed as I can remember in my time. The cattle market seems to be fuelled by restocker activity and prices have risen accordingly. The dollar seems to be keeping a lid on the top end of the market and whilst it remains high it is difficult to see the market going through the roof.

In my travels it is consistently pointed out to me by producers of beef that we just simply don’t get enough for our product and that without external income it is nearly impossible to progress and prosper in the cattle industry.

On a recent trip with my father to Denver Stock Show in the USA it was highlighted to both of us what can be achieved when input prices are effectively half of what we pay in Australia. The event which is the largest cattle show in the world is a cross between Ag Quip and the Sydney Show with an emphasis on Beef Production.

Talking to American Beef producers they said they were receiving 90c/pound (198c/kilo) for an equivalent feeder steer. However the notable difference is the costs of production such as a Hydraulic Cattle Crush top of the range was $9000 US, a Toyota Tacoma equivalent to a Dual Cab Hilux was $21,000 US, a 2 Horse Float top of the range $4000, fuel half the price of ours.

Coming back to Australia you notice how our costs of production are just what continues to cripple us. Labour is effectively out of the question when people can sit in a truck at a coal mine and earn in excess of $100,000.00, what possible incentive is there other than lifestyle to continue to slog it out in the bush.

It’s high time all sides of politics realized the economic and social benefits to society
of a strong rural Australia.

Playboy Diva sells at Landmark Classic 06.02.2010-07.02.2010
Manali Playboy Diva was offered for sale at the recent Landmark Classic Campdraft Sale in Tamworth. The sale was once again exceeded expectations with the average up on last year being $9,930. Diva sold to Peter Comsikey for $17,500. We have a lot of confidence in Diva's ability and look forward to reporting her achievements in the future.

Jim and Peter(Snr) go to Denver 09.01.10-16.01.10Winner - Coleman Limousin Ranch

Since the inception of Manali Limousins the MacCallum Family have accessed genetics from Northern America to progress their herd. After deliberating this year on what sires to use it was decided to travel to the USA to see these genetics first hand. The National Western Stock Show is considered the super-bowl of cattle shows with livestock shown in the usual show-ring format and a bull show that is broken into pens of 3 and carloads (pens of 10). Jim and Peter were impressed by the overall quality, softness and evenness of the livestock presented and are hoping to further improve our own genetics based on what they saw.

Above: WINNER Peoples Choice Carload of Bulls(10 Bulls) – Coleman  Limousin Ranch




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